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Ryan is the primary designer and programmer on Project AETHER. He envisions this game as frantic and fast paced, and is working hard to deliver on that vision. He has to wear a lot of hats on this project but keeps the player experience foremost in his mind.



Jack of all trades and master of some, Ryan’s biggest roles are in operations management, marketing planning, and fixing crucial programming issues. An avid reader and consumer of stories of all kinds, he’s constantly focused on expanding his skillset.

jeffrey milanetti

Jeff is the Art Director of Project AETHER. He works to ensure everything Art related looks the best it can and maintains a sense of unity. He is also responsible for creating environments, visual effects, UI, and various vehicle designs including the AETHER mecha itself.

adam ledrew

Adam is the primary asset artist for Project AETHER, taking most of the models in game from initial concept sketches to the final models. Outside of work he pursues other artistic hobbies, including miniature painting and personal sketching.

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