Fight against a fleet of alien ships intent on destruction!

Use devastating melee attacks to turn the tables on nearby ships!

Combat powerful boss ships within unique levels!

Switch between a variety of weapons to gain the advantage!


During the maiden flight of the prototype mech AETHER, a sudden communications blackout leaves your home planet cut off from the rest of humanity. In the ensuing confusion, an unknown fleet suddenly appears from the depths of space. With humanity’s defenses failing to contain the threat, AETHER is forced into action.


Each of our nine carefully tailored levels has its own unique mechanics and challenges. Whether you’re dealing with the dangerous lightning storms over the gas giant Zephys, or avoiding space debris in the LSV-6 asteroid cluster, each environment presents new dangers to keep the player on their toes.


The AETHER mech has a fully customizable loadout, letting you choose from a variety of ranged weapons, dash options and EMP variants. The weapons you choose are complemented by the powerful close-range beam saber, making sure that you always have access to a devastating melee option. Whether you want to pick off enemies from afar or take out enemies up close, the game supports that choice. You can also use any of dash options to maneuver through otherwise unavoidable attacks, letting you get to where you want to be.


We’ve put together an assortment of powerful weapons, including the rapid fire assault rifle, high impact railgun, concentrated laser beam, and more. As you progress through the game, more weapons become unlocked, letting you fully customize your setup to suit the situation.


Aether’s most notable feature is something known as the EMP Burst. Each time you hit an enemy, it builds up a charge, which eventually manifests as a circular energy field around them. If you fly within this field, you can detonate it to deal massive damage to anything else inside the circle – usually enough to destroy most enemies instantly. Different weapons accumulate charge at different rates, with light weapons being better for building charge than heavy ones.


We have a wide variety of enemy types to challenge the player. From the basic Drone ships that fire bullets at you, to the Piercers that mercilessly track you down, and the Heavy that gives you its full focus with its twin gatling guns, each enemy provides a unique challenge that makes the waves feel different and fresh.

Project AETHER features a unique and powerful boss at the end of each level. Each boss has their own mechanics and destructible components that change the flow of battle. 

Level editor

Build your own custom levels utilizing every enemy and hazard found within the game. Our easy to use path creation system allows for a wide array of interesting patterns and unique obstacles to overcome. Upload your creations for others across the world to enjoy, and access countless community missions to perfect your skills.

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